Accenture and Atlassian Ally to Drive Enterprise Agility

Accenture and Atlassian have launched a new strategic partnership to help client organizations make better technology investments, improve the experiences

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of their customers and employees, and lean into transformation by making better use of the two companies’ enterprise agility offerings.

In the face of increasing uncertainty and instability, organizations are working to modernize their ways of working to become more agile and responsive to shifting market conditions. Larger and more distributed enterprises face challenges arising from culture, legacy systems, tool sprawl, and siloed teams with no company-wide visibility.

Accenture and Atlassian plan to build a Center of Excellence to provide education, coaching, platform enablement, and agile practice disciplines to their mutual clients around the world. The new partnership aims to connect leadership, culture, processes and technology, and employee empowerment to support clients on their agility journeys, from leveraging lean management principles to accelerating time to market via product-centered development and cloud migration. The collaboration will also help clients identify value streams and implement value stream management solutions, select and prioritize programs to achieve strategic goals, implement lean portfolio management, and migrate from on-premise deployments to cloud-based functionality to reduce administrative overhead.

Accenture has spent more than a decade working with Atlassian to co-create solutions using agile development principles, with Accenture being named the 2022 Atlassian Global Alliance Partner of the Year at Atlassian’s Team 22 event in recognition of its ability to deliver collaboratively-developed business solutions to clients. The two companies have previously collaborated on more than 100 engagements for clients around the world, working with companies such as Belong, a division of Telstra, to implement agile work management software, helping teams become more collaborative, productive, innovative, and agile.

Greg Douglass, senior managing director and global lead for Technology Strategy & Advisory at Accenture, said, “As organizations continue to move to the cloud in droves and make substantial investments in technology to transform how they do business, new capabilities are needed for agile enterprise management. Through our strategic collaboration with Atlassian, we are bringing comprehensive enterprise agility solutions to our clients, which are critical not only for the technology organization, but for modernizing the way all teams will work in the future.”