AI Adoption Gets a Boost From New Nvidia-Deloitte Partnership

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have been making headlines lately, being incorporated into applications as varied as weather prediction, financial fraud detection, and even original artwork. Despite its

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much-touted benefits, only 26% of businesses are focused on making use of AI technology at scale. A new partnership by graphics powerhouse Nvidia and Big Four consultancy Deloitte aims to boost AI adoption and deployment.

Announced at GTC, Nvidia’s annual developer conference, the expanded alliance will help Deloitte customers innovate and expand their AI and metaverse services, building on a two-year Deloitte-Nvidia relationship. Deloitte customers will soon be able to leverage the Nvidia AI and Nvidia Omniverse enterprise platforms, boosting the development, implementation, and deployment of tools and services that will help companies speed their digital transformations.

The move seems to be a natural progression, since Deloitte’s Center for AI Computing, launched in March 2021, is already powered by Nvidia DGX A100 systems, and its Unlimited Reality services leverage the Nvidia Omniverse Enterprise platform for virtual world simulation and replication of real-world environments and processes. The accounting and consultancy firm has also trademarked the phrase “Age of With” as part of its promotion of the technology.

The existing partnership is already bearing fruit, allowing businesses in the financial services industry to automate debt collection and client interaction through the use of chatbots and natural language processing, with ML models predicting customer churn and lifetime value, along with AI-based biometric technologies used for payment processing. Fraud detection is becoming more robust as well, with AI algorithms able to identify and analyze risk factors by scanning for signs of fraud across social media and the deep web.

Deloitte and Nvidia’s commitment is bearing fruit elsewhere, too: the U.S. Postal Service has used it to improve delivery efficiency and customer service processes and interactions. The retail sector is beginning to leverage ML, computer vision, and 3D scanning to help consumers determine the best-fitting clothes, and the healthcare industry is using a combination of AI and wearable devices to monitor health and provide real-time feedback and coaching to drive behavior change to manage and prevent chronic disease.

The improved combination will boost Deloitte’s portfolio of services running in the cloud, providing a wide variety of businesses the ability to simulate, ideate, re-create, and strengthen their position in the coming digital world.