AWS Aims To Make Cloud Security Easier For Clients

Amazon Web Services is aiming to make cybersecurity on the cloud as easy as possible with the launch of AWS Network Firewall,

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a new managed service which deploys essential network protections for all Amazon Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs).

There are more companies than ever utilizing the cloud—and that number is only expected to grow. But that transition has also led to a surge in cyberthreats. A recent survey found that a majority of respondents said that their biggest challenge with existing cloud security solutions is their reactive nature, which only alert security teams of a problem when an incident has already been detected.

“We heard customers want an easier way to scale network security across all the resources in their workload, regardless of which AWS services they used,” Channy Yun, a Principal Developer Advocate for AWS, wrote in a blog post. “They also want customized protections to secure their unique workloads, or to comply with government mandates or commercial regulations. These customers need the ability to do things like URL filtering on outbound flows, pattern matching on packet data beyond IP/Port/Protocol and the ability to alert on specific vulnerabilities for protocols beyond HTTP/S.”

With that in mind, AWS Network Firewall can be set up with just a few clicks. It scales automatically with a client’s network traffic, perfect for customers who want to inspect and filter traffic to, from, or between their Amazon VPCs.

In addition, clients can define firewall rules for control over network traffic, allowing them to enforce a range of policies. AWS Network Firewall, which is now available in U.S. East (N. Virginia), U.S. West (Oregon), and Europe (Ireland), works with AWS Firewall Manager, allowing users to develop policies based on AWS Network Firewall rules and then apply them across VPCs and accounts.