BCG Announces New Global Chief Communications Officer Russell Dubner

Boston Consulting Group recently announced that former Edelman Global Vice Chairman Russell Dubner has joined the firm as a Senior Partner and Global Communications Officer.

As part of the newly-created position, Dubner will be responsible for the firm’s positioning and reputation, leading a global team advising clients at the intersection of trust, leadership, and stakeholders strategies. In his new role, he will work closely with and report directly to BCG’s global Chief Executive Officer, Christoph Schweizer, as well as BCG’s Global Executive Committee and Operating Committee.

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"As BCG reaches new heights, our commitment to leading with integrity, with courage, and with purpose remains unwavering. Russell's experience and expertise, both with trust and leadership and in running world-class communications, will continue to strengthen our role amongst leaders around the world," said Christoph Schweizer, BCG's global Chief Executive Officer, in a press release.

BCG has been focused on studying how trust forms the foundation of business ecosystems and traditional organizations and acts as a source of competitive advantage and value creation. While the firm has traditionally let its client engagements and thought leadership speak for itself, Dubner’s new role as CCO will see him leading BCG’s embrace of its leadership in the industry, linking its words and deeds to advance its public agenda.

The firm has seen enormous growth in recent years, bringing in a record-breaking $11 billion in global revenues for 2021, with an underlying growth of 25% at constant rates. Ongoing investments in expanding expertise in climate and sustainability, responsible AI, and risk have positioned the consultancy to drive organizational transformation for some of the world’s most notable companies. BCG has also invested significant amounts into improving compensation and benefits for its workforce, most recently boosting compensation, paid time off, and employee physical and mental wellbeing programs.

While building trust on a global scale is a tall order for any organization, Dubner spent some of his three decades at Edelman overseeing corporate development, building alliances and partnerships, as well as leading the recently-created Edelman Trust Institute, a center devoted to the study of trust and building it among organizations and people. His unique experience and qualifications should serve BCG well as it continues its mission to help leaders in business and society tackle their most important challenges.