BCG to Acquire Environmental Consultancy Quantis

As businesses around the world accelerate their efforts to make good on their climate pledges, the consulting industry faces a shortage of qualified professionals with experience in environmental, social, and governance (ESG), forcing some consultancies to turn away business due to lack of capacity. Boston Consulting Group

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(BCG), in an effort to bolster its own environmental consulting capabilities, announced its plans to acquire Quantis, an environmental sustainability consultancy firm that is already guiding many of the world’s largest businesses on their own transformations, in a transaction expected to close in the coming weeks.

Founded in 2006, Quantis has gathered more than 250 experts in environmental transformation into its fold, establishing a track record of successfully implementing science-based, systems-level approaches to accelerating sustainable business transformations. Once the transaction is completed, the firm will operate as a standalone business unit within BCG, retaining its leadership team and brand.

“Combining BCG’s extensive industry knowledge and transformation capability with Quantis’ deep scientific expertise and solid sustainability reputation will create an unstoppable force to drive the shift from business as usual to business at its best,” said Dimitri Caudrelier, Quantis Chief Executive Officer. “The stakes for our planet have never been higher. This deal will enable us to take a critical leap towards achieving our vision for a new planetary economy. I am also thrilled about the opportunities it will create for Quantisians to raise their level of impact and grow professionally. Uniting with BCG will enable us to fast-track the science-driven sustainable transformation to which Quantis has been unwaveringly committed since our start.”

The move comes at a time where BCG is stepping up its role in helping the world prepare for and mitigate the worst impacts of climate change. The firm was recently announced as the exclusive consulting partner for COP27, which will be held in Egypt in November. There, BCG will support the COP27 Presidency of Egypt with its analytical capabilities and industry insights, drawing on its deep experience in helping companies, governments, and multinational bodies accelerate climate and sustainability efforts. BCG Chief Executive Office Christoph Schweizer also announced plans to recruit thousands more climate and sustainability experts over the coming years, as well as continuing to expand the firm’s network of partners.