Deloitte Launches Content Intelligence Hub with Adobe and AWS

Deloitte Digital has introduced the Content Intelligence Hub, developed in partnership with Adobe and Amazon Web Services (AWS). This innovative solution aims to deliver personalized, intelligent content in a privacy-centric manner. Utilizing Adobe’s full experience suite, including Adobe Experience Platform, and AWS Clean Rooms for secure data collaboration, the Hub effectively addresses industry-specific challenges. The Content Intelligence

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Hub leverages Adobe Experience Cloud and AWS's advanced data and modeling capabilities to enhance content agility and automation. This integration allows brands to enrich media and third-party data securely, offering flexible, agile content tailored to industry needs. Adobe's suite, including Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Workfront, Adobe Experience Platform, and the upcoming Adobe GenStudio, enables enhanced personalization and faster content supply chains.

AWS provides a secure environment for collecting, unifying, analyzing, and activating data sets within a zero-copy data collaboration framework. Deloitte Digital contributes its expertise in creative content, analytics, and integration to automate industry-specific insights. The Hub facilitates the merging of first and second-party data, integrating external data sets from media partners to enhance audience profiles and content performance analysis. Deloitte's commitment to AI is highlighted by training over 120,000 professionals through the Deloitte AI Academy™ and investing $2 billion in global technology learning initiatives. This solution allows clients to leverage tailored AI services, enhancing productivity and client impact.

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