DoD Establishes Software Expert Team to Boost Acquisition Pathway Adoption

The Department of Defense (DoD) is addressing challenges in implementing its software acquisition pathway by establishing a specialized cadre of software experts. Assistant Secretary of Defense for Acquisition Cara Abercrombie thanks program managers for their good comments, but notes a reluctance to fully utilize the pathway

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due to its rapid pace and deviation from traditional acquisition processes. There are presently just 50 programs in the DoD that use the software pipeline, Abercrombie aims to drive wider adoption by deploying a "SWAT team" of experts capable of providing on-the-ground support to program offices and facilitating effective implementation.

Meanwhile, Congress has mandated the creation of the software specialist career path and ordered the development of military members with technical skills into software experts. Despite the pathway's benefits in promoting modern software practices and faster delivery cycles, challenges persist in aligning funding mechanisms with software development needs. Efforts are underway to streamline funding processes, with calls to expand the pilot program for funding software with a single color of money to all DoD software programs, offering a potential solution to funding complexities.

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