EY And ServiceNow Expand Alliance, Increase Inclusive Hiring

For decades, neurodiverse individuals have been overlooked by many employers. Hiring practices have long been geared toward neurotypical applicants able to conform to the expectations put forth by the hiring process, leaving little room for people who don’t fit the mold of a “perfect” candidate. Until fairly recently, the value that a neurodiverse workforce can bring to an organization has gone unrecognized and untapped, leaving an estimated 20% of the adult population shut out of well-paying, specialized jobs. Two companies are pairing up to change that, bringing the resources of a Big Four consulting firm and a leading workflow management software company together to help companies think differently about their hiring processes.

In line with those goals, Ernst & Young announced an expansion of its partnership with ServiceNow to invest in and develop new offerings geared toward streamlining complex business workflows, with a focus on addressing challenges in the finance and tax services space. The two companies have a goal of growing the value of their partnership to $1 billion by 2025.

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The shift to remote work, expected tax reform legislation, and a dramatic increase in the availability of data have all driven a need to rethink processes affecting work flow across departments and systems. This partnership add-on is geared toward helping companies identify and automate internal finance and tax workflows to streamline reporting, documenting, and approval processes while adapting to changing requirements and decreasing errors.

Part of the alliance’s expansion also involves efforts to recruit and develop from traditionally underrepresented communities, particularly neurodiverse people, to fill a variety of roles in ServiceNow’s development, analytics, and consultancy divisions. EY is looking to extend its Neuro-Diverse Centers of Excellence (CoE), and will establish the ServiceNow Neurodiversity Delivery Center to leverage all-too-often untapped capabilities such as analytical thinking, complex problem visualization and solving, and technology design. The center will train participants in the U.S, with the offering expanding to Europe, the Middle East, India, and Africa over the coming months.

With businesses facing a growing need for talented workers, opening more doors to employment is a move that looks to provide a significant competitive advantage to employers willing to tailor their jobs to people, and not the other way around.