How Firewall-As-A-Service Can Benefit MSPs And MSSPs

In today's world, security has metamorphosed into something vastly more complex. As the world develops more cybersecurity technology, cybersecurity threats seem to grow in tandem. Big names like Adobe, LinkedIn, eBay, Yahoo, and recently Twitter have experienced security breaches - a sign of a market desperate for more efficient cybersecurity.

Corsa Security has announced the enhancement of its turnkey network security virtualization platform to enable Firewall-as-a-Service (FWaaS) to solve this continually evolving problem. This ensures Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) and Service Providers (SPs) can deliver a digitalized FWaaS that replaces, and even outperforms, traditional firewalls.

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The platform provides simple, automated hardware firewall virtualization and zero-touch network security operation. Instead of complex hardware implementations or DIY virtualization projects, MSSPs can deliver an infinite number of virtual firewalls instantly.

Eduardo Cervantes, Corsa Security’s CEO, announced that many businesses are outsourcing their security, citing a lack of scalability and excess complexity as the main problems. He said, "That's why enterprises no longer want to own and manage their own physical firewalls. MSSPs can address this need and expand their offering by enabling a Firewall-as-a-service that replaces physical firewalls with virtual firewalls… We've eliminated the need for scarce DevOps skills with this intuitive, integrated addition to our platform."

The platform allows multi-tenancy—something that the IT world thrives on. MSSPs can deliver customized services and capacity to their customers in minutes, easily scale their service offerings, and introduce innovative virtualized services. Best of all, these services are becoming more and more simple in terms of use and troubleshooting.

Firewalls need to be accessible to non-engineers in order to save time and money on labor hours. In an increasingly complicated and modern world, IT costs need to be decreasing, rather than increasing. This requires clever solutions and easy implementations—both things that describe FWaaS to a tee.

With FWaaS, businesses do not need to fundamentally alter their operation in order to integrate with security operations center (SoC) inventory tools such as tracking and billing. This means more time and money can be spent on core business growth, rather than IT tasks.