Kaseya’s SMB Consulting Portfolio Bolstered By TruMethods Acquisition

Small businesses in need of managerial guidance stand to benefit from introducing a virtual CIO to steer the platform in the right direction without wasting resources. The well-planned union of a long-tenured MSP and software powerhouse with a sought-after MSP platform framework firm will create a new go-to solutions epicenter for navigating the tricky world of digital business and technology stack management.

Remote management software company Kaseya is adding another rising star to its portfolio. Its IT Glue division will absorb MSP mentoring expert TruMethods in an acquisition aimed at combining Kaseya’s wide reach in distribution with the innovative framework refined by TruMethods. The myITprocess offering, which features the coveted virtual CIO, will be bolstered by IT Glue’s steadfast IT service output and network strength. Virtual interfacing and teamwork will flourish for clients with the addition of TruMethod’s TruPeer group program.

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Part and parcel of the deal is Kaseya bagging charismatic MSP market superstar Gary Pica, the Founder and President of TruMethods. Pica indicated that for staking out its own path in the MSP sphere, TruMethods has reached the zenith of its potential. Kaseya’s advanced integration techniques and API mastery will break barriers for TruMethod’s domination in the consulting industry and offer a heightened level of expertise to its small business clientele.

The pre-existing relationship between each company’s technologies telegraphed an eventual partnership. Kaseya’s Chief Executive Officer, Fred Voccola, said that around 95% of myITprocess users have tapped the services of IT Glue. Nadir Merchant, General Manager of IT Glue, said, “myITprocess provides structure, standard processes and thought leadership to how you deliver a VCIO service, how you become a strategic partner for your business, if you’re an MSP. And IT Glue can drive that through the data that we have in our system. We integrate with every solution that they already have -- 40 plus solutions. We’re launching 7 new integrations at GlueX. We’re going to launch 20 more in the next couple of years.”

One condition of Pica’s involvement is that TruPeer retains its independence, with no quota for selling or using Kaseya products on that platform. Pica plans to use Kaseya’s scaling ability to deliver TruPeer in volume; “thousands and thousands of MSPs” will have a chance to implement the offering.  The road ahead for this partnership involves further honing of the myITprocess methodology, with Pica and Merchant’s IT Glue division working closely.