Michael Baker International Acquires MLU Services to Strengthen Disaster Management and Resilience Solutions

Michael Baker International, a prominent figure in engineering, planning, and consulting services, has finalized the acquisition of MLU Services, a renowned national logistics and disaster response firm headquartered in Athens, Georgia. This strategic merger integrates MLU into Michael Baker's operations, further

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enhancing its capabilities in disaster management and resilience solutions. MLU, recognized as FEMA's leading provider of temporary housing solutions, brings extensive experience in rapid disaster response, including significant projects such as the deployment of over 82,000 temporary housing units nationwide under FEMA contracts.

Under the Tidal Basin Group, Michael Baker's acquisition of MLU aims to bolster its comprehensive emergency management offerings. This union combines MLU's expertise in logistics and immediate disaster response with Tidal Basin's advanced technology solutions and Michael Baker's robust engineering and construction capabilities. Together, they form a formidable team, capable of delivering integrated resilience consulting and technology solutions across various sectors, including government and private industries. new benchmarks in the field of disaster preparedness, response, recovery, and long-term mitigation efforts nationwide.

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