PA Consulting Announces Partnership With American College of Emergency Physicians

Technology consultancy firm PA Consulting recently announced a partnership with the American College of Emergency Physicians

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(ACEP) to build a digital platform for its newly established Emergency Medicine Data Institute (EMDI).

The ACEP serves as a professional society for more than 40,000 emergency physician members in the U.S., and PA will provide support in building a next-generation digital platform that will collect and integrate clinical and billing data from more than 1,000 hospitals to enhance care by delivering new digital products and services. ACEP’s recently launched data institute includes a clinical emergency data registry that offers insights on nearly 25% of emergency department visits in the U.S., providing substantial value that can be utilized to streamline and improve clinical practices, develop new therapies and treatments, and reduce administrative reporting burdens.

“We know that large scale datasets are critically important to solving the most pressing challenges in healthcare,” said Nilesh Chandra, PA Consulting healthcare expert and ACEP project lead. “This was true in the 1840s when John Snow used incidence and address information to trace a cholera outbreak to a water well in London, and data’s importance has been made abundantly clear in the last few years with the COVID-19 pandemic.”

PA, which employs more than 4,000 professionals in offices spread across Europe and the U.S., will provide strategists, engineers, designers, and technologists to help build innovative new digital products and services based on information provided to the EMDI. Emergency departments serve as a common entry point into the healthcare system, and effective use of collected data can provide a variety of benefits, from supporting healthcare research, identifying early warning signs of future health issues, and providing insights into care utilization and patient journeys.

PA Consulting has a long track record of success in the healthcare industry, providing insights and services to hospitals, medical associations, device developers, and government healthcare providers throughout Europe and the U.S. This latest partnership should serve as a continuation of its efforts to help providers offer better, more impactful services to their patients and deliver ongoing value to stakeholders.