Qualys Steps Up Cloud Security Offerings For Clients

The rise in cloud computing has also brought a new set of cybersecurity risks, with a recent McAfee report finding a 630% increase in attacks aimed at cloud services since January 2020. According to a study by Orca Security, over 80% of companies have at least one neglected, Internet-facing workload and nearly 50% of cloud users have a server that is at least six months overdue for a patch.

Companies that are making cloud cybersecurity easier to attain are now working overtime to get more offerings out to clients. Qualys is one of those firms. Founded in 1999 as one of the first SaaS security companies, the company has over 15,700 active customers in more than 130 countries. It has strategic partnerships with leading cloud providers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and the Google Cloud Platform, as well as managed service providers and consulting organizations such as Accenture, BT, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Verizon, and Wipro, just to name a few.

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The firm launched its Qualys Cloud Platform—as well as its integrated Cloud Apps—to deliver critical security intelligence, enabling clients to automate auditing, compliance, and protection for IT systems and web applications. Just last month, Qualys revealed that Armor was integrating the Qualys CloudView app into its cloud security platform Armor Anywhere. That same month, Qualys partnered with Google Cloud to provide support for Google Cloud Artifact Registry for its container security solution.

And now Qualys has announced that its platform, including Qualys VMDR (Vulnerability Management, Detection and Response), Multi-Vector EDR, and the upcoming Next-Gen Analytics and Incidence Response, will be available via the Deloitte Hong Kong Cyber Service.

"Deloitte Hong Kong is a leader in providing managed security services and is known for its state-of-the-art Cyber Services," said Philippe Courtot, Chairman and CEO of Qualys. "Integrating Qualys solutions allows Deloitte Hong Kong to offer clients a one-stop solution and managed services for a more holistic vulnerability and threat management solution, with relevant context and real-time analysis at scale, for full visibility across their hybrid IT environments, drastically reducing the time to remediate or mitigate critical vulnerabilities."

In addition to its cloud platform, Qualys plans to launch a Next-Gen Security Analytics and Incident Response product line to integrate Qualys and third-party products into a cohesive security incident and response platform.