Safe & Reliable Healthcare Acquired by Vizient

Vizient, the nation’s largest healthcare performance improvement company, recently announced its acquisition of Safe & Reliable Healthcare, a leading provider of high reliability services to the healthcare sector.

The company has managed to integrate the expertise and service offerings of both businesses to create the most comprehensive high reliability service in the healthcare industry, which will move forward under the brand Vizient Safe and Reliable Healthcare, positioning Vizient as a partner of choice in helping healthcare organizations eliminate variability while improving care quality and patient outcomes.

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“While high reliability is primarily considered in terms of quality and safety, operational and financial outcomes and experiences must also be reliable. As hospitals face continued workforce and financial challenges, our members are increasingly interested in how our high reliability offering can help them achieve more dependable performance across all areas of their organization,” said Marshall Leslie, Group Senior Vice President, Quality and Operations for Vizient.

Grounded in Vizient’s Framework for High Reliability Healthcare, the new offering will provide an actionable roadmap for organizations seeking to transform their culture, helping develop leaders and teams, build improvement and sustainability infrastructures, and drive measurable clinical, operational, and cultural improvements to an industry that has been rocked by an ongoing global pandemic and widespread staffing shortages. Since 2020, about 1 in 5 healthcare workers have left the profession, leaving departments short-staffed and remaining workers with growing concerns about overwork and burnout, potentially triggering additional losses.

Vizient’s integrated approach offers a variety of services to providers, such as consulting and training services, a statistically-validated, Tier-1 Leapfrog survey offering insights into workplace culture, an electronic visual management and communication platform, a comprehensive approach to building system-wide sustainable improvement infrastructures, and the integration of survey data with the company’s repository of clinical and operational data to provide unique insights on the correlations between culture and outcomes.

The founders of Safe & Reliable Healthcare, Allan Frankel, MD and Michael Leonard, MD, along with their colleagues, will integrate into Vizient’s consulting team and continue to provide industry-leading solutions to organizations working toward high reliability goals. “We are excited to join Vizient and work more closely with its members to strengthen their resilience and reliability in delivering safe patient care in the complex and fast-paced healthcare environment,” said Frankel.