Sellers Dorsey Acquires HealthDataViz to Enhance Data Analytics Capabilities

On June 13, 2024, Sellers Dorsey announced its acquisition of HealthDataViz.  Renowned for its work with federal and state governments, healthcare providers, insurance companies, and public health groups, HealthDataViz has built a strong reputation for delivering high-quality analytics, dashboards, and applications that enable healthcare organizations

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to make informed decisions and improve health outcomes. This acquisition allows Sellers Dorsey to extend its service portfolio to include healthcare and public health data analytics, visualization consulting, and training services. The acquisition also includes Kaleido, HealthDataViz's comprehensive suite of resources and training for health analytics professionals.

Sellers Dorsey, founded in 2000, is a prominent healthcare consulting firm, specializing in custom Medicaid financing solutions and strategic advisory services, aimed at improving healthcare quality, equity, and access for underserved populations. The firm operates in over 40 states, providing unique insights and impactful results for its clients. Marty Sellers, CEO of Sellers Dorsey, emphasized that acquiring HealthDataViz enhances the firm's capability to help clients leverage data for better health outcomes. Katherine Rowell of HealthDataViz expressed excitement about joining Sellers Dorsey, highlighting the potential to develop innovative products and support the mission of delivering high-quality, accessible, and equitable healthcare.

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