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Friday, July 19, 2024
Andrew Aijian
Andrew Aijian


Andrew Aijian is a Partner at DeciBio Consulting, where he leads the biopharma business practice. DeciBio is a leading precision medicine consulting firm, with the mission to leverage market insights and strategy to drive disruption and innovation in precision medicine. DeciBio’s expertise in innovation is widely recognized, as evidenced by its #3 rating on Vault’s “Best Consulting Firms for Innovation” list in 2022. Aijian specializes in helping precision medicine companies understand how to leverage the latest research, diagnostic, and digital technologies in their R&D and commercialization strategies to improve patient care today and in the future. Aijian has been sought out as an early advisor on some of the most pivotal developments in cancer care, including cancer immunotherapies and early cancer detection technologies. As a partner at a rapidly growing, boutique firm, Aijian wears many hats, including leading DeciBio’s marketing and PR efforts, as well as driving the development of various database, market report, and SaaS products within DeciBio’s market intelligence and data analytics division, DeciBio Analytics. Prior to DeciBio, Aijian received his Ph.D. in biomedical engineering at UCLA.

Areas of expertise

Cancer immunotherapy, emerging technology development and commercialization, Personalized/precision medicine, Disruptive healthcare products and services, regenerative medicine

Group Overview

As the pace of innovation in precision therapies accelerates, so do the challenges in bringing these transformative therapies to patients. Navigating evolving clinical trial, regulatory, manufacturing, and market access landscapes requires precise market insights and novel strategies. Client examples include: Biopharma Genomic Testing Market Research Clinical, Genomic, and Pathology Real-World Data (RWD) Market Landscape Assessment Internal Lab Buildout Strategy Synthetic mRNA Production Landscape Assessment

Firm Overview

DeciBio is a strategy consulting and market intelligence firm serving clients across the precision medicine ecosystem. DeciBio’s mission To accelerate the adoption and impact of precision medicine Precision medicine is a complex and rapidly-evolving field, requiring focus and attention to detail in order to keep up with the pace of innovation. With DeciBio’s specialized team of life science experts, DeciBio focuses on the precision medicine space. Working across the entire precision medicine value chain—from early-stage research to commercialization and the patient journey—gives DeciBio a uniquely comprehensive perspective. Consequently, DeciBio understands how market developments propagate throughout the precision medicine ecosystem. DeciBio Consulting is a boutique strategy consulting firm focusing on the life science industry. DeciBio's mission is to provide the strategic insights that accelerate the development, adoption, and accessibility of personalized medicine. Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, DeciBio serves clients and customers across the globe, ranging from incubator-stage startups to Fortune 500 life science corporations. DeciBio addresses business solutions that range from market landscape analyses to full commercial strategies, including organic and inorganic growth opportunities (commercial due diligences). DeciBio’s work is typically supported by a mix of primary and secondary research leveraging Dexter, its in-house expert network, and DeciBio Analytics’ proprietary data intelligence products. DeciBio’s Analytics division offers numerous data products to support strategic insights, including in clinical diagnostics (the DxBooks), immuno-oncology (the I/O BioMAP), omics market segmentation (the MarketBooks), and the entire life sciences industry (BioTrack). Internal teams such as the Culture Committee, Women* in Consulting, and Gays in Consulting enrich the employee experience. DeciBio’s Social Impact board and the DeciBio Impact Lab work collaboratively across divisions and externally to uproot discrimination and increase access to precision medicine.