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Saturday, September 23, 2023

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Paul Schrimpf
Paul Schrimpf


Paul Schrimpf is more than a Partner at Chicago consultancy Prophet; he is a member of the company’s major North American Leadership Team, supervises its healthcare practice, and oversees all its various sub-sectors, ranging from medical equipment to hospital systems and beyond. In addition, he is a long-serving board member of nonprofit initiative The Water Trust, a strategic advisor at ScaleHealth, and the host of the healthcare industry podcast Microdosing. Schrimpf holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing and accounting from Loyola University Chicago and a master’s in marketing research from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.

Areas of expertise

Consultancy that unlocks uncommon growth, Healthcare practice, and oversees all its various sub-sectors

Group Overview

The organizations that thrive in healthcare are those that dare to change the game–striving to improve human health, create better experiences and make the best of care an enduring and sustainable reality for all. Prophet’s healthcare strategists help ambitious change chasers and change-makers transform care experiences, create new enterprises and build empathy-driven, sustainable ways of working that deliver superior value. Consulting Expertise includes: Culture & Employee Engagement Organizational Design & Operating Model End-to-End Patient Experience Strategy Product, Service & Touchpoint Design Market Sizing & Value Proposition development Digital Marketing & Sales Strategy Brand Positioning, Portfolio & Architecture

Firm Overview

Prophet unleashes the power of people, businesses and brands to move society forward by helping clients unlock uncommon growth in the face of disruption. Prophet brings the insight, rigor and expertise needed to uncover and realize transformative opportunities. Prophet brings diverse perspectives—matching a range of relevant skillsets and lived experiences from across our open, collaborative ecosystem of partners and in-house experts to challenge our thinking, uncover disruptive ideas and deliver the best to our clients. Consulting Expertise includes: Identify Growth Pathways Drive Customer Demand Reimagine Brands Empower Employees Revolutionize Experiences Prophet drives to impact quickly bringing clarity from day one to craft real concepts and solutions and ensuring strategy is brought to life with speed, precision and insight.