Sophos Addresses Ransomware Threat With New Offerings

Cybersecurity attacks are on the rise, with the biggest threat coming from ransomware. In just the last week, several hospitals across the United States have been targeted in ransomware attacks. As the country continues to battle the COVID-19 pandemic, these incidents couldn’t come at a worse time.

Yet a recent survey by Sophos, a leader in next-generation cybersecurity, found that ransomware victims spend proportionally less time on threat prevention (42.6%) and more time on response (27%) compared to those who haven’t been hit.

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As a result, many cybersecurity companies are releasing new offerings to protect organizations of all sizes. Sophos just announced the launch of Sophos Rapid Response, an industry-first, fixed-fee remote incident response service that identifies and neutralizes active cybersecurity attacks. The platform provides organizations with a dedicated 24/7 team of incident responders, threat hunters, and threat analysts to quickly stop advanced attacks and remove adversaries from their networks.

“When you’re hit with an attack, time is of the essence. Every minute between initial compromise and neutralization counts as adversaries race through the attack lifecycle,” said Joe Levy, Chief Technology Officer at Sophos. “Advanced attacks can quickly halt business operations, and IT managers who have experienced ransomware firsthand know this all too well.”

Sophos Rapid Response identified the first known use of the Buer malware dropper to deliver ransomware, making the discovery while mitigating a recent Ryuk ransomware attack. In fact, nearly 85% of the attacks that the platform has been involved in so far included ransomware—notably Ryuk, REvil, and Maze. Sophos Rapid Response neutralizes a wide range of security incidents, including ransomware, network breaches, hands-on keyboard adversaries, and more.

The U.K.-based company was recently ranked 10th in the annual Sunday Times PwC Top Track 250, which recognizes private mid-market companies in the U.K. with the biggest sales. In addition, Sophos supports more than 12,500 global and regional MSPs worldwide via its MSP Connect partner program—a 30% year-over-year increase since the start of the company’s fiscal year in April 2020. With cybersecurity at the forefront of companies’ digital transformation efforts, managed security services like those offered by Sophos will be even more crucial.