STC Awarded Subcontract from Palantir for TITAN Ground Station System

Palantir Technologies has awarded Strategic Technology Consulting (STC), a subsidiary of Arcfield, a subcontract to facilitate its work on the Tactical Intelligence Targeting Access Node (TITAN) ground station system. This system embodies the army's state-of-the-art deep-sensing capability, which is fueled by artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML). The subcontract

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will facilitate the integration of new critical technologies for the fielding transition and the development of 10 TITAN prototypes, including five advanced and five basic variants. TITAN, an intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance ground station, utilizes AI/ML to swiftly process data from various sensors, enhancing warfighter situational awareness and reducing the sensor-to-shooter timeline.

“STC is excited to have been selected by Palantir to join its superb team of partners to deliver this next-generation capability to the warfighter,” stated STC's President and General Manager, Dan Reineke. The successful completion of the design and prototyping phases of the TITAN program has been supported by STC, which was initially appointed to the Palantir team in January 2021. STC, a subsidiary of Arcfield, specializes in digital engineering and model-based systems engineering (MBSE). The company offers MBSE-as-a-Service, integrated digital engineering environment deployments, training, and consulting to both commercial and public sector customers. This collaboration underscores STC's commitment to advancing defense technology and supporting national security initiatives.

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