Wipro Announces Launch of European Cyber Consulting Practice

For the overwhelming majority of companies, it’s not a matter of if a cybersecurity breach will happen, but when — and when it happens, it usually happens more than once. Cyberattacks can be devastating to business operations, with the average cost of a data breach reaching $4.24 million for organizations with private clouds. In some industries, such as healthcare and utilities, the consequences of an unchecked breach go beyond monetary, potentially costing lives and wider economic devastation. To help its clients better prepare for and respond to cyber threats, Wipro, a leading technology services and consulting company, recently announced the launch of a strategic cybersecurity offering in Europe.

The move comes as part of Wipro’s strategy to build a global cybersecurity consulting offering, backed by several recent acquisitions such as Capco, Edgile, and Ampion. The new consulting service, provided through Wipro CRS Europe, builds on the firm’s existing cyber capabilities and gives clients access to Wipro’s full range of offerings, from strategy and implementation, to regulatory compliance, to managed services.

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“Escalation of cyber threats, compounded by the rapidly changing regulatory environment, is creating brand new challenges for businesses across Europe,” said Tony Buffomante, Senior Vice President & Global Head of Cybersecurity and Risk Services (CRS) at Wipro Limited. "Our extensive experience in cybersecurity, global network of cybersecurists, combined with our expanded consulting capabilities, will help clients stay ahead of emerging threats and adapt to a changing regulatory environment with speed and agility. We are thrilled to be bringing this offering to clients in this market at this critical juncture.”

The new offering will see Wipro consultants in Europe working with clients to craft personalized cyber strategies and solutions that address each client’s unique challenges, leveraging a global network of more than 9,000 cybersecurity professionals to help rapidly deliver solutions at scale. The new offering will combine all of Wipro’s cyber consulting capabilities under one brand, CyberTransform, delivering them to clients along with the firm’s managed services capabilities, CyberShield.

CyberTransform is Wipro’s strategy-first approach to cyber transformation, driving a business-led approach to solving cyber, risk, cloud, compliance, and identity challenges. CyberShield is Wipro CRS’ suite of managed services, providing on-demand cyber resilience management to help businesses defend their operations against digital threats.

While cyberattacks and breaches may be inevitable, severe consequences do not need to be, and Wipro’s new consulting offering will help clients better defend against and respond to threats that are becoming more prolific and aggressive.