Xebia Announces Acquisition of 47 Degrees

Global IT consultancy and digital services company Xebia has recently announced its acquisition of 47 Degrees, a U.S.-based technology consultancy that specializes in creating assured solutions for complex, mission-critical software.

Since its founding in 2010, 47 Degrees has made building and deploying innovative solutions its mission, offering comprehensive consulting services in functional programming languages and their supporting technologies such as Scala, Kotlin, Spark, Kafka, and Akka. Headquartered in Seattle, the firm has a presence in the United Kingdom, Spain, and South America. 47 Degrees takes on the burden of design, development, and deployment of applications for its clients, freeing them to focus on what they do best. Its team of highly-experienced engineers work with client teams to adapt mission-critical workflows and provide additional operating bandwidth.

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Gurgaon, India-based Xebia has been a mainstay in the Agile world for over two decades, working with gurus such as Jeff Sutherland to grow from a Java company into a full-service digital consultancy with a global reach. Its teams assist the world’s top 250 companies and category leaders with expertise in a variety of fields such as Agile, Data and AI, Low Code, Cloud Software Technology, DevOps, and Microsoft, embracing innovation, overcoming digital challenges, and providing offshoring and nearshoring services.

“We are delighted to join forces with 47 Degrees, and we believe that with their strong expertise in Scala, Kotlin, as well as functional Java, this acquisition will establish our presence in the global market and also allow us to widen our functional programming expertise to Rust, Clojure, and Haskell.” said Anand Sahay, Global Chief Executive Officer of Xebia Group, in a press release. “We aim to become one of the most significant one-stop-shops for all functional programming needs."

The 47 Degrees team will remain as a cohesive force under its new parent company, continuing its collaborative efforts and growth while it embraces a more extensive network of partners under its new parent company. According to 47 Degrees’ Chief Executive Officer Nick Elsberry, the acquisition will allow the company to scale and broaden its service offerings while continuing its ongoing community initiatives, saying, “We’re proud to be 47ers, and we’re now also proud to be Xebians.”