Deloitte Launches New Effort To Help Businesses Prepare For The Metaverse

As technology continues to transform the way we work, play, and live our lives, businesses are working hard to keep pace with the latest developments in the virtual world. The metaverse, a loosely-defined term that describes the newest iteration of online interaction, leverages virtual and augmented reality to craft digital experiences for businesses and their customers. While still in its infancy, global companies are already positioning themselves to take advantage of the new technology, with a leading consulting firm announcing the launch of a new studio geared toward advising businesses on how to meet the new need.

Big Four firm Deloitte announced the launch of its new Dimension10 Studio, intended to help customers create “Unlimited Reality” experiences combining artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality, internet of things architecture, and 5g networking connectivity. The team will help clients with the design, prototyping, and market testing of virtual services, with the studio serving as a combined virtual and physical space, business concept, and “maker engine” of the new services.

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The move comes as part of Deloitte’s efforts to build on the new virtual worlds, which has included a virtual events space for employees, building an AR+AI solution for a U.S. utility company to visualize infrastructure and training, and an augmented reality application for a major sporting event. As part of the effort, the firm will grow its collaboration with NVIDIA’s Omniverse Enterprise platform for 3D design collaboration as well as virtual world simulation.

Though the metaverse is still in its beginning stages, Deloitte has a long history of helping businesses embrace innovation and integrate it into their own strategic efforts. According to Frances Yu, a partner at Deloitte Consulting, whether this latest effort bears fruit depends on how well it creates the perception that it is both virtual and physical and integrates digital augmentation into the natural world.

Yu says, "More practically, our success will be measured in how broadly we can apply this new technology and embed these solutions into everything from unique entertainment experiences to everyday experiences such as driving to visit friends and buying groceries…A sports team may want excitement, and a school may require calm.”

While the metaverse is still largely an unproven model, by leveraging AI and virtual technologies, businesses embracing it can stand to benefit by reducing cost and complexity, providing greater support for engagement and innovation, and increasing trust and decreasing time to market. This latest expansion of Deloitte’s consulting services should help businesses keep pace with the rapidly changing digital world.