EY Deepens Supply Chain Offerings with Hexagon Alliance

Global consulting and business services firm EY announced an alliance with Hexagon’s Lifecycle Intelligence division (Hexagon) to offer cloud migration and digital transformation strategies, including asset performance management (APM) and enterprise asset management (EAM) and asset performance management (APM) technologies.

The alliance combines the capabilities and services of EY US’ technology consulting with Hexagon’s cloud-based EAM SaaS offering, providing clients with access to their joint competencies in cyber, supply chain, sustainability, and manufacturing execution systems. Their service offerings will support digital transformation and cloud modernization efforts by providing installation and upgrade support as well as assessments and digital enablement.

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"Hexagon sees this alliance relationship with EY US as a key enabler for Hexagon's clients to unlock the smart digital reality vision” said Mark Carrigan, Hexagon ALI’s Senior Vice President, Global Sales Excellence, in a press release. “For over a decade, EY US has provided many asset-intensive organizations with successful EAM implementations and advanced asset management strategic services. Furthermore, EY US' experience supporting successful business transformations, leadership in climate change and sustainability, and commitment to invest in and support joint innovation and innovative experiences provides a strong lever to enable Hexagon and EY US clients realize their desired business outcomes and position themselves for the autonomous future."

Hexagon as it is known today began in 2000, when the Swedish conglomerate divested from numerous holdings and began investing in digital reality and autonomous solutions. The firm built its digital reality solutions portfolio over the following decade, and began a campaign of strategic software acquisitions that culminated in its purchase of EAM in late 2021, rounding out its smart digital reality capabilities.

The partnership provides a foundation for digital innovation in asset-intensive industries, monitoring, tracking, and extracting value from assets while mitigating risks such as unplanned costs and operational downtime. Businesses seeking to address asset-related business challenges and pain points could stand to benefit from the combination of EAM and APM with EY’s deep industry expertise and technological capabilities.