Leading Cybersecurity Firm Fidelis Appoints New CTO

Deciding on executives in key positions can sometimes take an inordinate amount of time but Fidelis’ had a clear view on Craig Harber

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given his multiple decades of experience advocating for new cybersecurity programs and solutions within the NSA and USCYBERCOM.

Earlier this year, Craig Harber expressed his enthusiasm for his newly appointed CTO role, “I’m thrilled to join Fidelis and help customers across sectors improve their cybersecurity programs to meet or surpass the standards set by the DOD and IC. Fidelis provides many of the core capabilities that should be included in a streamlined security stack that the industry is asking for, to provide better visibility and understanding of an organization’s entire cyber terrain.”

He continues, “Fidelis offerings are closely aligned with the key concepts I advocated for while working at the NSA and USCYBERCOM,” further adding, “I’m excited to be part of a team that is uniquely positioned to provide what so many organizations need right now – an integrated, automated, orchestrated and correlated solution that can operate within the adversary’s decision cycle.”

CEO of Fidelis Cybersecurity Nick Lantuh stated, “We’re extremely pleased to have someone of Craig’s caliber joining our executive team here at Fidelis. His experience in building and defining cybersecurity products and strategies is invaluable to our mission. We’re tapping into his extensive knowledge to guide our strategic direction to ensure we continue to remain aligned with the quality and efficacy of security solutions deployed by the most secure government agencies in the world.”

Fidelis Cybersecurity is a leading provider of threat detection, hunting and response solutions. The company combats the full spectrum of cyber-crime, data theft and espionage by providing full visibility across hybrid cloud / on-prem environments, automating threat and data theft detection, empowering threat hunting and optimizing incident response with context, speed and accuracy.