PwC India And ASG Technologies Partner To Meet India’s Data Governance Needs

PwC India and ASG Technologies will partner to help Indian organizations successfully tackle data governance.

ASG, a leading provider of solutions for information-powered enterprises, is the only solutions provider for both Information Management and IT Systems. PwC is an international network of firms that deliver assurance, tax, and consulting services. Saurabh Kothari, ASG’s vice president of channels and alliances, has high hopes for the partnership: “With PwC’s in-depth domain and market expertise, we can provide customers with a truly end-to-end solution for their most pressing data challenges, overlaying the best-in-class strategies and framework PwC has developed to the specific needs of enterprise customers in India.”

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As Indian companies look to improve their data governance and privacy, companies like PwC and ASG are working to help them navigate regulatory and operational changes. One approach they are taking is to thoroughly educate companies when they adopt a data governance framework. At the end of 2019, PwC put out updated global and industry frameworks for data governance, and ASG published a report this year on the “Barriers to Success with Information-Powered Business.”

ASG’s survey of 150 IT professionals found that 63% believed outdated, inaccurate, or otherwise “bad” data had been used to drive business decisions within their organizations. Negative repercussions of using bad data include increased costs, project restarts, missed business opportunities, wasted time, and funding losses, to name a few. Only 6% of those polled were willing to confidently state that bad data had not been used.

The Data Administration Newsletter outlines the most common challenges companies face as they address data governance within their organizations. Companies are urged to focus on lack of data leadership; developing a thorough understanding of the business value of data governance; senior management support, sponsorship, and understanding; how data governance is budgeted; and lack of data documentation, among several other concerns.

Through their partnership, PwC and ASG both aim to support organizations in developing a nuanced understanding of the information within their organization. Mukesh Deshpande, partner and data governance lead in India for PwC, says that it is essential for an organization to understand “the data it has, where it came from, how it is being consumed and whether it can truly be trusted by respective stakeholders.” As their partnership develops, these companies can expect to have a significant impact on Indian businesses.