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Tuesday, May 21, 2024
Ainsley Ward
Ainsley Ward
Vice President, Payments Consulting Services


With considerable international banking and payments experience, Ainsley Ward is an industry thought leader and business development lead for CGI's Payments Solutions. Previously, he worked on payment modernization and open banking in Canada and as an SME in Belgium. Bringing experience from working with banks on every continent, he is well versed in the demands of payment market modernization, finding opportunities from mandatory change, and guiding banks to better outcomes, representing many of his clients in industry working groups and committees including with the EPC and ECB. Prior to CGI, Ward worked with world-leading companies running Management Consulting at FIS (Clear2Pay), as 2FA Product Manager at MasterCard, and Senior Advisor to European banks with ESBG. He is a VISA-accredited EMV consultant and was US EMF Honor Roll listed for his EMV migration contribution. Currently, he works with major global banks undertaking payment market modernization, designing a new RTGS platform, supporting ISO 20022 migration, and examining the future role that banks will play. His thoughts are regularly shared as a panelist and speaker, with his understanding of the bigger picture providing delivery of winning payment strategies and products for clients around the world. He is also a member of the U.K.’s Digital Pound Forum. Ward studied Engineering, Science & Technology at Brunel University in London, and currently resides on the West Coast of Scotland.

Areas of expertise

Payment market modernization, Finding opportunities from mandatory change, Guiding banks to better outcomes

Group Overview

Building customer-centric digital banks As the banking world rapidly changes, CGI works with clients to move to new business models, transform legacy IT environments and become more customer centric. Focused expertise We provide in-depth expertise across key banking sectors that helps you drive performance, value and growth. Capital markets, Corporate and transaction banking, Payments, Retail banking and consumer finance, Wealth management Proven solutions Our intellectual property-based solutions help you accelerate innovation and drive operational excellence. CGI All Payments, CGI Collections360, CGI Trade360, CGI Hotscan360, CGI TWIN360, CGI Open Finance Our experience includes: 15/20 of the top 20 banks worldwide supported 27 year relationship, on average, with our top 10 banking clients 40+ year history of leading the evolution of payment infrastructures and helping banks embrace real-time payment and open banking 370 implementations of our collections, recoveries and loan origination solutions 33,000+ portal users in 90+ countries supported by CGI Trade360 $1.6 trillion~ in assets managed through CGI’s portfolio management, investment fund and asset management solutions CGI’s digital accelerators Blockchain Technology advances and privacy concerns are driving organizations to explore the use of blockchains—records or “blocks” of data connected and secured using cryptography. CGI helps clients unlock the value of blockchain-enabled business networks and value chains. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Workforce automation will be one of the biggest technology disruptors over the next decade. Using the right technology, you could automate more than half of your processes. Artificial intelligence CGI is a trusted artificial intelligence (AI) expert, helping clients demystify and deliver responsible AI. They combine their end-to-end capabilities in data science and machine learning with deep domain knowledge and technology engineering skills to generate new insights and experiences.

Firm Overview

Founded in 1976, CGI is among the largest IT and business consulting services firms in the world. CGI’s insights-driven and outcome-based to help accelerate returns on your IT and business investments. In all they do, CGI’s goal is to build trusted relationships through client proximity, providing industry and technology expertise to help you meet the needs of your customers and citizens. Across 21 industries in 400 locations worldwide, CGI provides comprehensive, scalable and sustainable IT and business consulting services that are informed globally and delivered locally.