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Thursday, September 21, 2023

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Emma Gibbs
McKinsey & Company


At McKinsey, Emma Gibbs helps public and private sector clients set sustainable strategies and modernise their organisations. Her work in the private sector focuses on players looking to scale up carbon removals businesses. She regularly works with the government to inform strategic decisions. Outside of McKinsey, Gibbs is a Trustee of Sands (the stillbirth and neonatal death charity), which is a leading organisation in a field about which she is very passionate.

Areas of expertise

Sustainable strategies, Scaling up carbon removals businesses.

Group Overview

Public & Social Sector: Improving the lives of citizens worldwide by helping solve the most pressing economic and social challenges Public and social sector organizations are key to societal and economic progress and well being. McKinsey works with social sector and government organizations to improve the lives and livelihoods of their citizens, driving transformations that have a significant, positive impact on society. By combining a highly collaborative working model with insights from their globally recognized research centers, McKinsey provides an approach tailored to each client’s needs. McKinsey’s work spans multiple sectors and functions, including digital and analytics, operations, organization, and strategy. They work end-to-end—from diagnosis to delivery of lasting impact—together generating tangible results that are improving the lives of millions worldwide. How McKinsey Helps Clients Cities & Infrastructure Combine economic and social development experience with McKinsey’s financial modeling expertise to develop cities and infrastructure that are economically and socially sustainable. Defense & Security Help defense ministries, national security, and public safety organizations address their most pressing challenges. Digital & Analytics Leverage digital and analytics to improve the quality of life for citizens and to support companies and governments to be more productive. Economic Development Design and implement economic development, job creation, and economic growth strategies. Education Deliver rapid and sustained gains in learning outcomes at all levels of education. Global Public Health Address urgent public health challenges and improve health outcomes. Philanthropy Help foundations, individual philanthropists, and companies amplify their social impact and achieve systematic change. Public Finance Transform the financial management practices of ministries of finance and government agencies to create new opportunities and growth.

Firm Overview

Accelerating sustainable and inclusive growth McKinsey believes that for all people to prosper, economies must grow. Today, a new era of growth is possible; one that doesn’t treat growth and positive societal impact as opposing forces. There was a time when economic growth, sustainability, and inclusion were seen as trade-offs, but leaders today need to achieve all three. This new paradigm of growth will be more sustainable, driving innovation while reducing environmental impact. It will also be more inclusive, creating access to opportunities for people worldwide. This is not an easy task, but McKinsey’s ambition is to help organizations and their leaders make it a reality. Every day, around the world, McKinsey partners with their clients to set bold strategies, unlock the potential of their people, embed transformative technologies in everything they do, and innovate sustainably. The impact McKinsey delivers helps clients achieve enduring change in their capabilities and performance—and speeds up the transition to sustainable and inclusive growth. McKinsey & Company is a global management consulting firm. They are the trusted advisor to the world's leading businesses, governments, and institutions. McKinsey works with leading organizations across the private, public and social sectors. Our scale, scope, and knowledge allow us to address problems that no one else can. McKinsey has deep functional and industry expertise as well as breadth of geographical reach. They are passionate about taking on immense challenges that matter to our clients and, often, to the world. McKinsey works with our clients as we do with our colleagues. They build their capabilities and leadership skills at every level and every opportunity. McKinsey does this to help build internal support, get to real issues, and reach practical recommendations. They bring out the capabilities of clients to fully participate in the process and lead the ongoing work.