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Sunday, June 23, 2024
Colin Enderlein
Colin Enderlein
DeciBio Consulting


Colin Enderlein has been a leader in precision medicine innovation and companion diagnostic (CDx) commercialization at all phases of the R&D value chain in both the public and private sectors. Enderlein is currently a Principal with DeciBio Consulting, where he specializes in biopharma precision medicine strategy and global clinical implementation. Dedicated to making knowledge related to cutting-edge technologies more widely accessible, Enderlein regularly authors industry reports spanning topics such as liquid biopsy, spatial-omics, and cancer early detection. Prior to DeciBio, Enderlein held business development and strategy roles at NanoString Technologies and Seattle Children's Research Institute. Enderlein has degrees in bioengineering and biotech innovation from Cornell University and The Karolinska Institute, respectively.

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