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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

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Greg Portell
Greg Portell
Lead Partner, Global Consumer Industries & Retail Practice


As Lead Partner for Global Client Growth, Greg Portell’s goal is to help all sectors of Kearney’s practices be in the best position, structurally and in terms of resources, to address the fast-moving changes and disruptions challenging the firm’s clients and the markets in which they operate. “The commercial marketplace is undergoing radical and disruptive change,” says Portell. “Our clients are being asked to respond to issues most of them couldn’t have imagined even a decade or so ago. Complex new problems require bold new solutions and a bold new way of going to market. We don’t want our clients to just keep pace with change. We want them to lead it through growth, innovation, creative solutions, and the new operating models, metrics, and tools we are in position to give them.” Portell’s clients include some of the world’s largest and most influential companies. He is an active speaker, sought-after author, and advisor on emerging topics including rapid earnings expansion, the evolving consumer, global business transformation, and sustainable growth. Using a consumer-first point of view, he has developed solutions for clients on how to address consumer needs with meaningful benefits as well as published materials through the Kearney Consumer Institute, Kearney’s Inside the Mind podcast, and other legacy reports.

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