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Sunday, June 23, 2024
John Collins - FTI Consulting
John Collins
Deep Vertical AI


• John has an unrivalled track record pioneering specialized AI consulting services — from cloud to core. He provides deep vertical solutions with precision focus and on-demand cloud agility for clients who prioritize information security and domain specificity.

• John specializes in large-scale AI systems that leverage AI agents, language models, and deep learning. John stands out in the industry for building and deploying deep vertical AI solutions that seamlessly integrate business knowledge with cutting-edge AI to deliver domain-specific solutions, securely and at scale.

• John offers advanced AI solutions tailored to complex and nuanced business challenges that demand a profound understanding and sophisticated AI models. His approach goes beyond the mere application of AI, aiming to enhance the capabilities of AI within specific contexts. This strategy ensures the delivery of superior competitive and comparative advantages to his clients.

Areas of expertise

• Fast Prototyping: Helping clients to develop processes and infrastructure to quickly test and validate AI proof-of-concepts before fully building out production AI systems. Showing clients the art of the possible with AI by solving specific business problems.

• AI Ecosystems: Helping clients to build integrated environments to support the development, deployment and management of various AI solutions across the organization. Helping clients to select, evaluate, integrate, and deploy the various components of their nascent AI Ecosystems.

• Generative AI: Helping clients unlock the potential of multi-modal generative AI that can create and manipulate text, images, video, audio, and code. Service offerings traverse training data, algorithms, GenAI applications, regulatory, ethical and social implications, limitations and challenges.

• Deep Verticals: Helping clients to strategize, design, build, implement, and manage proprietary deep vertical solutions, especially when information security is paramount. Unlike broader AI applications, a deep vertical has a narrow and highly specialized focus, unique to a particular domain and/or client.

• AI Governance: Helping clients to establish oversight processes to ensure their AI systems are developed and used responsibly, ethically, safely, and effectively. Providing ongoing independent oversight once appropriate AI governance frameworks have been established.

Group Overview

• Deep Vertical AI is revolutionizing AI consulting. We define state-of-the-art for AI services and deep vertical AI solutions delivered as AIaaS services.

Firm Overview

• We specialize in rapidly prototyping AI solutions, integrated AI ecosystems, generative AI, AI governance, and domain-specific deep verticals.