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Wednesday, September 27, 2023

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Judi Dotson
Judi Dotson
Booz Allen Hamilton


Throughout her 31 years at Booz Allen Hamilton, Dotson has developed market strategies, built teams and shaped business with a wide variety of federal clients. Today, she leads the firm’s National Security Business. In her previous roles, she has led the firm’s Joint Combatant Command account, including clients throughout the Defense Department’s technology community; Finance, Energy, & Economic Development account, including clients across the Civilian agencies; and the Infrastructure & Military Health account. Judi is an excellent leader of people. She has a strong record of anticipating the needs of their clients, shaping opportunities, and delivering with excellence, all while developing talented teams and the leaders of tomorrow. She has extensive experience serving clients at the intersection of national security and technology, including cybersecurity, analytics, digital services, and workforce management. Under her leadership, the firm has delivered essential programs to clients that include the Treasury Department, the Internal Revenue Service, EPA, Army, Air Force, Navy, and the Defense Acquisition University. Her strong technology background has been beneficial to building solutions to solve client's toughest challenges.

Areas of expertise

Intersection of national security and technology, Cybersecurity, analytics, digital services, and workforce management.

Group Overview

Winning on the complex future battlefield requires technology solutions that create information dominance. As the premier digital integrator for the Department of Defense (DOD), Booz Allen Hamilton (BAH) delivers by blending decades of mission experience with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML), next-generation data solutions, networking, cyber, and advanced software development. Booz Allen Hamilton's open architecture approach puts clients in control of their systems while providing flexibility to quickly defeat evolving threats. And with nearly a third of their experts being veterans, combined with decades of experience supporting all branches of the military, you can be sure their solutions work in real life—not just in the lab. Booz Allen Hamilton is accelerating innovation to help defend the nation. Advanced Software Development Artificial Intelligence: Win the conflicts of the future with AI solutions Data Advantage: Seize the power of data—from enterprise to edge Digital Engineering: Execute client missions with high-quality engineering services, solutions, and products Digital Simulation & Training: Power performance with realistic scenarios and real-time metrics Information Warfare: Equip forces for strategic operations in the electromagnetic spectrum Lifecycle Support & Sustainment Networking & Communications Tactical Edge Solutions: Deliver actionable data to warfighters at the edge Civil Government Modern tech for modern missions Whether ensuring the safety, security, and well-being of citizens or boosting national competitiveness, BAH works with leaders in civil government to support their public service missions. BAH excels at tackling the most complex challenges, from reforming financial regulatory oversight and evolving its healthcare system to improving information sharing among law enforcement organizations and supporting green building initiatives. Its work spans the full breadth of civil government, including energy and the environment, financial services, health, homeland security, law enforcement, transportation, grants, and benefits and entitlements. BAH work with leaders so they make better decisions and foster better user experiences both inside and outside of their organizations. Capabilities: Analytics and AI Cybersecurity Digital Solutions Engineering

Firm Overview

Booz Allen Hamilton is a global firm of approximately 29,200 diverse, passionate, and exceptional people driven to excel, do right, and realize positive change in everything they do. Booz Allen Hamilton brings bold thinking and a desire to be the best in their work in consulting, analytics, digital solutions, engineering, and cyber, and with industries ranging from defense to health to energy to international development. Booz Allen Hamilton celebrates and values diversity in all its forms; it’s something they truly value as a multicultural community of problem solvers. Booz Allen Hamilton believes in corporate and individual citizenship that make their communities better places for all. Booz Allen Hamilton has one guiding purpose—to empower people to change the world. Their founder, Edwin Booz said it best: “Start with character… and fear not the future.” Booz Allen brings a ferocious integrity to not only train their clients to tackle the problems they face today, but to help them change the status quo for tomorrow. Each day, they imagine, invent, and deliver new ways to better serve their employees, their clients, and the world. For more than 100 years, military, government, and business leaders have turned to Booz Allen Hamilton to solve their most complex problems. As a consulting firm with experts in analytics, digital, engineering, and cyber, Booz Allen Hamilton helps organizations transform. They are a key partner on some of the most innovative programs for governments worldwide and trusted by their most sensitive agencies. Booz Allen Hamilton works shoulder to shoulder with clients, using a mission-first approach to choose the right strategy and technology to help them realize their vision.