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Thursday, May 23, 2024
Kam Bhatoa
Kam Bhatoa
Head of Government


Kam Bhatoa is the Head of Government at BJSS, a global IT consultancy recognised for delivering advanced technical solutions. Bhatoa’s professional journey, spanning over a quarter of a century, is distinguished by 15 years dedicated to innovating within the public sector. Before her impactful tenure at BJSS commenced in 2014, she honed her expertise at PwC. Her client portfolio reflects her meticulous approach, encompassing collaborations with entities such as the Home Office, DVSA, Central Government, Defence, and various pivotal government agencies. A vocal advocate for cross-government synergy, she strategically aligns various departments, capitalizing on BJSS's deep reservoir of experience to facilitate efficient and impactful solution delivery.

Bhatoa’s adeptness is particularly pronounced in complex, multi-vendor landscapes, but it is her global engagement that truly distinguishes her. A steadfast believer in technological inclusivity, she champions initiatives promoting accessibility. Recognizing the evolutionary nature of transformative change, Bhatoa firmly believes that industry leaders bear a significant responsibility to collaborate closely with governmental bodies, ensuring optimal results that serve the broader community. Within BJSS, Bhatoa is not merely a functional leader; she represents the epitome of professional excellence: ceaselessly driving initiatives to ensure comprehensive, inclusive, and globally relevant solutions.

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