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Tuesday, May 21, 2024
Keith Novak
Managing Director


As a Managing Director of Kroll’s North American Governance and Cyber Risk practice in New York, Keith Novak leads multi-disciplinary teams providing cyber risk, compliance, privacy, and advisory services to clients globally. His 25 years of experience in information technology, cyber security, offensive security, and investigations have enabled him to advise clients on effectively navigating the complex and evolving cyber threat and regulatory landscapes. Prior positions held by Novak include Chief Technology Officer and Information Security Officer in the highly regulated healthcare sector, and more than a decade in various engineering and technology roles. He has special expertise in healthcare information technology, is highly proficient in the technical and regulatory requirements relating to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and Center for Internet Security frameworks and is a frequent speaker and author on cybersecurity topics.

Areas of expertise

Healthcare info technology, Technical and regulatory requirements.

Group Overview

Virtually every area of an organization today is digitally interconnected. No matter where, when or how you need help, Kroll is the cyber security services partner to call first, with industry and technical experts, unique insight and trailblazing technology. Beyond the risks of accidental loss of sensitive information or malicious actor threats, Kroll experts also look at cyber security through the lens of “unintended consequences.” From system upgrades or a move to the cloud … to applications meant to improve the customer experience … and to integral third-party relationships, one misstep can cascade into cyber attack, wire fraud, ransomware, data breaches and more; not to mention regulatory action, civil litigation and reputational damage. That’s why Kroll’s structured their practice to deliver end-to-end cybersecurity solutions quickly and seamlessly, anywhere in the world. Kroll experts provide rapid response to more than 3,200 cyber incidents of all types annually. We help countless more clients with litigation support (including expert witness services); managed detection and response services for both active threats and as an integral part of network security; notification solutions, including multilingual call center support; and proactive services, including general and threat-focused risk assessments, response planning, tabletop exercises and more. With years of public and private sector experience and law enforcement service, our cyber security experts can provide invaluable leadership at any point in the cyber risk continuum. Our experts are able to deliver best-in-class network, endpoint and cloud security through our managed detection and response solution, Kroll Responder. Responder handles every step, with 24x7 managed detection and response services fueled by threat hunting and superior incident response. Our collaborative team culture ensures you always benefit from the latest threat intelligence, best practices and technological advancements for every challenge, start to finish. Kroll is also a preferred/approved cyber security vendor for more than 50 cyber insurance carriers, including some of the largest underwriters in the world, and offers client-friendly retainers that cover both incident response and proactive services.

Firm Overview

As the leading independent provider of risk and financial advisory solutions, Kroll leverages their unique insights, data and technology to help clients stay ahead of complex demands. Kroll’s team of more than 6,500 professionals worldwide continues the firm’s nearly 100-year history of trusted expertise spanning risk, governance, transactions and valuation. Kroll’s advanced solutions and intelligence provide clients the foresight they need to create an enduring competitive advantage. At Kroll, their values define who they are and how they partner with clients and communities.