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Sunday, June 23, 2024
Srini Rajamani
Srini Rajamani
Senior Vice President & Sector Head, Consumer and Life Sciences


In his present role as Business Unit Head, Srini Rajamani stands at the helm of a comprehensive portfolio encompassing end-to-end P&L accountability across Delivery, Sales, Solutions, and Market Expansion, primarily focused on Consumer Goods and Life Sciences industries at Wipro. These industries include a diverse range of domains like Life Sciences, Pharma, Biotech, Med devices, Food, Beverage, Retail Apparel & Footwear, Home and Personal Care, and Agriculture across all service verticals within Wipro. A visionary, Rajamani collaborates closely with advisors and industry pundits to devise innovative solutions to pivotal commercial and business challenges. Rajamani is an ardent advocate for reshaping corporate landscapes, leveraging his extensive 25-year track record of catalyzing transformation for global enterprises across sectors such as CPG, Retail, Manufacturing, Banking and Capital Markets, and Life Sciences. Throughout his dynamic career, Rajamani has assumed pivotal leadership roles at Wipro, amassing a wealth of expertise spanning strategic innovation, client engagement, global delivery optimization, adept team assembly, and the orchestration of shared services initiatives.

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