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Wednesday, September 27, 2023

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Petter Kilefors
Arthur D. Little
Managing Partner


Petter Kilefors is the Managing Partner for Arthur D. Little’s Nordic region. In 2002, at the age of 28, Kilefors was the youngest ever promoted to Partner at Arthur D. Little. In his 25+ years of experience, he has served about 300 clients in the public, private, and financial sectors. He has advised government offices and multilateral organizations on matters such as artificial intelligence, nuclear safety, consumer politics, sustainability, governance, and budget matters. His clients include the Prime Minister’s Office, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Integration & Equality, the Nordic Council of Ministers, and the Council of Baltic Sea States. Kilefors is also a well-known advisor in the healthcare and life sciences, including to one of the world’s most prestigious hospitals, the Karolinska University Hospital. Early on in the pandemic, he was engaged by a large private nursing home provider to investigate the impact of COVID-19, and is currently engaged in investigating the learnings from the COVID-19 ramp-up for a state-owned airport. Kilefors is the co-founder of “The Art of Case Cracking,” a top-rated course at the Stockholm School of Economics, and has published a significant number of articles, including “Demystifying robotics: A drone’s eye view” (2019) and “When Global Megatrends Run Amok: Growth strategy in an era of de-globalization, cybercrime, systemic competition … and European war” (2022). He earned a Master of Science in economics and business administration from the Stockholm School of Economics and a Master of Science in international business from the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University.

Areas of expertise

Strategy & organization, Advice to private equity and industrial investors pre- and post-transaction, Governance issues faced by corporations, investors, governments and multilateral organizations.

Group Overview

Government bodies in the 21st century face a complex web of challenges. They need to manage interdependencies: navigating within and between diverse policy domains and levels of authority to address increasingly complex societal problems and greater internationalization. Specialists in public sector consulting, we help public-sector clients hone their governance, organizations and strategic responses. Our organizational-design methodology helps craft nimble and agile public authorities – better equipped to anticipate and overcome their most pressing challenges and create a future full of possibility.

Firm Overview

The world is moving faster than ever. The rules of the game are constantly shifting. People, organizations and societies are embracing change at pace and being reshaped by new technologies, deeper connectivity and the convergence of ideas and industries. And convergence isn’t just disrupting existing systems and markets – it’s creating entirely new ones, representing challenge and opportunity in equal measure. Organisations are increasingly dealing with opposing forces which test their resolve. Performance today or innovation for tomorrow? Competition or collaboration? Investment in people or technology? Only those who can anticipate change, innovate and adapt will thrive and move ahead. Arthur D. Little links people, technology and strategy to help clients balance these opposing forces, overcome today’s biggest challenges and seize tomorrow’s most promising opportunities. This is the difference they make. As people, organizations and societies embrace change at pace, its leaders must anticipate, innovate and transform ever faster. We help our clients overcome today’s most pressing challenges and seize tomorrow’s most promising opportunities. With a powerful blend of creative thinking and scientific rigor Arthur D. Little links people, technology and strategy to find original and pragmatic ways to accelerate performance, innovate through convergence and digital, and make a positive impact on the world.