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Thursday, May 23, 2024
Kris Vilamaa
Kristopher Vilamaa
Mostly Medicaid
Partner & Chief Growth Officer


Kris Vilamaa is a Partner and Chief Growth Officer for Mostly Medicaid. Mostly Medicaid is one of the premier Medicaid consulting and marketing entities in the country, using best-in-class HHS expertise to help state and county government agencies, health plans, and solution providers to navigate a wide variety of challenges. In this role, Vilamaa has led engagements in twenty-three different states with hundreds of clients in his career. His experience includes improving existing solutions, bringing new solutions to market, driving innovation, stakeholder engagement, industry analyses, growth strategy development, change management, policy assessments, and operational assessments. Vilamaa is a national thought leader on information technology in behavioral health and the use of data in integrated care models to improve care. As a consultant, he has also served as the CEO of HealthCare Perspective and Director of Behavioral Health for Germane Solutions. Prior to entering consulting in 2015, Vilamaa served in state government for 15 years, the last three as the Chief Information Officer for the Alabama Department of Mental Health. He holds a Bachelor of Art in Political Science from Purdue University-West Lafayette.

Areas of expertise

Behavioral health administration and regulation, Health policy and Medicaid policy, Telehealth, systems improvement

Group Overview

Consulting expertise includes: Process review and improvement design Workflow modeling Resource planning and alignment Typical Projects 90-day rapid transformation for a specific workflow Process mapping for units being integrated Support Areas: New market capture support Existing market renewal support New program capture support Typical Projects Pre-RFP alliance building Market intelligence Red-team/Gold-team reviews MCO Solution design assessment Vendor diligence reviews Readiness reviews Implementation planning

Firm Overview

Mostly Medicaid specializes in helping health plans, technology solution providers, government agencies, pharmaceutical manufacturers and provider-focused organizations achieve their Medicaid industry goals. When you become a Mostly Medicaid consulting client, you tap into the deepest and broadest experience pool in the industry. Our consultants have led government agencies, health plans and private companies in the space. They have launched new programs and overhauled existing ones. And they are committed to bringing their experience, skills, insights and connections to our consulting relationship with you.