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Friday, June 14, 2024
Ulrica Sehlstedt
Ulrica Sehlstedt
Arthur D. Little
Managing Partner


Dr. Ulrica Sehlstedt is a Managing Partner in Arthur D. Little’s Stockholm office and Global Practice Leader for Healthcare and Life Sciences. Since joining ADL in 2007, Sehlstedt has worked extensively for clients across the healthcare and life sciences ecosystem, helping them to succeed in a changing business environment driven by scientific advancements, disruptive technologies, and industry convergence. Her experience includes growth strategy development, opportunity assessment, R&D effectiveness, operational and commercial due diligence, change management, and program management. Before joining ADL, Sehlstedt was the CEO of a molecular diagnostics start-up. She has also been a member of the Swedish Research Council’s Scientific Council for Medicine for six years and served as a member of the 2007 and 2016 national expert panels in Life Science Technologies for Future Research Leaders, a program launched by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research. Sehlstedt holds an MSc in chemical engineering from the Chalmers University of Technology and a Ph.D. in biophysics from Stockholm University.

Areas of expertise

- Corporate and divisional strategy development - Market opportunity assessment - R&D effectiveness - Operational & commercial due diligence

Group Overview

From ageing populations to chronic illnesses and the global pandemic – challenges in healthcare are mounting. But at the same time, science is rising to them. Medicine is becoming more targeted, personalized and effective. Treatments today will look primitive in comparison to those that are coming. Arthur D. Little’s healthcare consultancy practice helps their clients adapt to change, innovate and transform to realize their potential. From boardroom to bedside, Arthur D. Little delivers lasting value to clients who are innovating at the forefront of progress in healthcare & life sciences. Data science, wearable tech, IoT and digital connectivity – healthcare innovation is rapidly advancing to create new possibilities. Arthur D. Little’s services help clients stay ahead in the innovation race. GROWTH ACCELERATION Arthur D. Little supports clients to identify and realize growth opportunities outside of their core business, implementing targeted and impactful growth initiatives to create substantial growth. COMMERCIAL READINESS Arthur D. Little has extensive experience in helping early-stage life science companies move from R&D-focused entities to profit-making businesses with successfully commercialized products. NEXT-GENERATION GROWTH By identifying innovative products beyond their immediate focus, Arthur D. Little helps clients to continually target future growth and accelerate their next leap forward in performance. INDICATION STRATEGY Arthur D. Little assists their biopharma clients to optimize their pipeline potential, choosing the most suitable paths for their drug candidates to increase the probability of their success. QUALITY & REGULATORY EXCELLENCE Life sciences is one of the most regulated industries in the world. Arthur D. Little’s SUCCESS model provides a proven framework for simplification and sustainability of the clients’ quality management systems. OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT Arthur D. Little helps clients in healthcare and life sciences to anticipate their operational needs, establish strategic direction and unlock value by innovating to transform their operations. DIGITAL STRATEGY Arthur D. Little gives clients digital capabilities to optimize the functioning of their organizations, leveraging tech-led efficiencies and patient interfaces to drive better health outcomes and higher efficiency in care delivery. COMPLEX PROCUREMENT Arthur D. Little helps clients understand and adapt to the accelerating pace of technological change, assisting complex medtech procurements to meet tomorrow’s healthcare needs. TECHNOLOGY/COMMERCIAL DUE DILIGENCE Arthur D. Little works with industry and private equity clients on due-diligence assignments, offering experienced due-diligence teams with deep understanding of healthcare and life sciences. LONG-TERM R&D STRATEGY Arthur D. Little supports healthcare and pharmaceutical clients in the design of mid to long-term R&D strategies, analyzing future market conditions, requirements and the impact of technological innovation. SCENARIO PLANNING Arthur D. Little develops visionary strategies that steer the future of your organization, addressing your toughest challenges and building a portfolio of bold initiatives geared towards your success. INNOVATION PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT Arthur D. Little helps clients define their innovation ambitions and manage their portfiolios strategically, harnessing its energy and making it a reliable driver of growth.

Firm Overview

The world is moving faster than ever. The rules of the game are constantly shifting. People, organizations and societies are embracing change at pace and being reshaped by new technologies, deeper connectivity and the convergence of ideas and industries. And convergence isn’t just disrupting existing systems and markets – it’s creating entirely new ones, representing challenge and opportunity in equal measure. Organisations are increasingly dealing with opposing forces which test their resolve. Performance today or innovation for tomorrow? Competition or collaboration? Investment in people or technology? Only those who can anticipate change, innovate and adapt will thrive and move ahead. Arthur D. Little links people, technology and strategy to help clients balance these opposing forces, overcome today’s biggest challenges and seize tomorrow’s most promising opportunities. This is the difference they make. As people, organizations and societies embrace change at pace, its leaders must anticipate, innovate and transform ever faster. We help our clients overcome today’s most pressing challenges and seize tomorrow’s most promising opportunities. With a powerful blend of creative thinking and scientific rigor Arthur D. Little links people, technology and strategy to find original and pragmatic ways to accelerate performance, innovate through convergence and digital, and make a positive impact on the world.