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Wednesday, September 27, 2023

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Stephan Krubasik
Partner and Managing Director; Global Co-Lead of Kearney Analytics


Stephan Krubasik is the Global Co-Lead of Kearney Analytics. Krubasik and the Kearney Analytics team help clients to maximize the value from data and analytics for their business model and market. In the current times of disruption, a focus area of Krubasik and his team is Operations Analytics, e.g. applying artificial intelligence to increase Supply Chain performance and resilience. In this context, Krubasik co-led Kearney’s acquisition of Optano — a leading Operations AI firm. Just as important for Kearney’s clients is staying close to consumer trends, and Krubasik’s team leverages consumer and growth analytics to identify and forecast consumer demand based on big data. Krubasik and the Kearney Analytics team helped multiple global clients in their comprehensive Data and Analytics transformation. Leveraging Cervello, a Kearney Company, the value contribution does not stop with a strategy or pilot but spans to scaled transformation and implementation programs. Under Krubasik’s co-leadership, Kearney Analytics grew by 50% last year and is now a global team of more than 500 analytics consultants, data scientists, data engineers, and software engineers. He is a sought-after speaker on topics like “AI in practice,” where he shares the latest real-life examples of applied AI. Krubasik joined Kearney 18 years ago and held multiple leadership positions, but still first and foremost enjoys the trust-based collaboration with his executive clients. He lives in Munich and earned a diploma in industrial engineering from the Technical University of Braunschweig.

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