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Thursday, May 23, 2024
Susan Kenniston
Vice President and Global Head of Domain & Consulting


Susan Kenniston is the Vice President and Global Head of Domain & Consulting of Wipro, an organization that extends across over 60 countries, backed by a workforce of 250,000 employees and strategic business partners. Kenniston has 30+ years of industry and consulting experience building and delivering global solutions. She is recognized as a Sustainability/ESG thought leader in the industry given her decade of experience building, leading, and delivering sustainability solutions across industries and integrated with capabilities. Kenniston began her career in 1990. She brings to the table her vast experience in Strategy & Operations, Data & Analytics, Supply Chain and Enterprise Architecture. This is based on her years working in Telecom, High Tech, Footwear and Apparel and Consulting. Kenniston earned her MBA MIS at University of Colorado and her BA in Env Sciences at University of Denver.

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