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Sunday, April 14, 2024
Tian Han
Tian Han
Managing Director and Partner


Tian Han is a Managing Director and Partner at L.E.K., a company for which he has helped drive the strategy of the world’s top pharmaceutical and biotech companies for more than a decade. His wide base of expertise in healthcare strategy was built over the years he spent before joining L.E.K., during which he served as a consultant to Amylin Pharmaceuticals and worked for the business development and marketing department of Kythera Biopharmaceuticals. Han received a bachelor’s degree in biology from Gonzaga University, and he went on to earn a master’s degree in bioscience business from the Keck Graduate Institute.

Areas of expertise

Healthcare strategy, Precision medicine and diagnostics, Advanced therapeutic modalities

Group Overview

The accelerated change that took place during the COVD-19 pandemic and the convergence of breakthrough scientific innovation, digital advancements and new business models have reshaped the life sciences industry. These advancements offer promise for substantial improvement in patient care and have opened up new opportunities for players across the life sciences market landscape. However, this evolving and increasingly competitive landscape has also raised several new challenges, including increased pricing pressure, uncertain market access dynamics, evolving consumer behavior and disruption from nontraditional healthcare players. These trends are forcing life sciences companies to think strategically about which aspects of their current business they want to invest in and which new avenues of growth they will need to explore. At L.E.K., they help life sciences and pharmaceutical executives develop practical strategies and plans to improve healthcare for patients and win in a dynamic global healthcare market. How L.E.K. helps Small, midsize and large multinational life sciences companies routinely engage them to: Define and execute corporate strategy: L.E.K. works closely with their clients to define and execute customized strategies to drive long-term, sustainable value. Whether it’s defining a new business model, driving growth beyond a first product, evaluating attractive adjacencies, determining how to scale the team or building franchise leadership, L.E.K.’s team has a proven track record of helping their clients build winning strategies unique to their particular circumstances. Expand into new markets: L.E.K. helps their clients expand into new geographies and market segments. This includes mature and emerging markets; prescription and consumer markets; primary and specialty care markets; chronic, acute and orphan markets; research, diagnostic and therapeutic markets; and new, innovative markets. L.E.K.’s market access strategies for clients open the door for growth and long-term value creation. Execute value-creating deals: L.E.K. supports their clients at every stage of the deal lifecycle — from search and evaluation to execution and post-transaction integration. They have helped their life sciences clients execute more than $140 billion worth of transactions including in-licensing, out-licensing, strategic partnerships, M&A, joint ventures, divestitures and royalty monetization transactions. Launch innovative products and services: L.E.K. teams up with their clients to develop commercial launch strategies in mature and emerging markets. L.E.K. has demonstrated success in supporting leading pharmaceutical, biotech and device brands across all key regions. L.E.K.’s commercial planning and launch expertise includes pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical drugs, vaccines, life science tools, diagnostics, and life sciences enablers e.g., CROs/CDMOs. Optimize operations: L.E.K. works closely with their clients to optimize operations, organizational structures, financials and processes across the life sciences value chain. L.E.K. works for clients has increased productivity and contributed to top- and bottom-line growth at the corporate, business unit and operational team levels in a number of life sciences sectors.

Firm Overview

L.E.K. is a global strategy consultancy working with business leaders to seize competitive advantage and amplify growth L.E.K.’s insights are catalysts that reshape the trajectory of their clients’ businesses, uncovering opportunities and empowering them to master their moments of truth. Whether it’s a global pharmaceutical company evaluating its strategy to develop new cures for diseases, an emerging technology company looking to rapidly scale its capabilities and production capacity or a private equity firm seeking to stress-test its investment thesis, L.E.K.’s clients rely on L.E.K. to help them reshape the market to their advantage. L.E.K. Consulting is a global management consulting firm that uses deep industry expertise and rigorous analysis to help business leaders achieve practical results with real impact. L.E.K. is uncompromising in our approach to helping clients consistently make better decisions, deliver improved business performance and create greater shareholder returns. The firm advises and supports global companies that are leaders in their industries — including the largest private and public sector organizations, private equity firms and emerging entrepreneurial businesses. Founded in 1983, L.E.K. employs more than 1,600 professionals across the Americas, Asia-Pacific and Europe.