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Wednesday, September 27, 2023

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Tobias Aebi
Tobias Aebi
Arthur D. Little


In his 8+ years of strategy consulting across the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and North America, Tobias has developed strong expertise in advising energy and aerospace & defense clients on their most pressing strategic and organizational issues to make them fit for the future. He has particular experience in defense, the space industry as well as across all life-cycles of nuclear power where he recently led multiple assignments, such as: Establishment of two new deputy ministries at a Ministry of Defense, Transformation of a Ministry of Defense, Development of a, GCC country's national space strategy and policy, Establishment of a national space agency, Development of business and industrial roadmap of a nuclear program, Business model development to localize and later export a newly developed nuclear reactor design. Outside of work, Tobias is passionate about spending time with family & friends, sport (incl. scuba diving, golf, skiing, sailing), traveling, and reading.

Areas of expertise

Strategy development, strategy planning, and strategy implementation, Business model development, organization development, and process design, NewSpace, Space 4.0, space strategy, space policy, space regulation, and energy, Nuclear new build, nuclear operations, nuclear decommissioning.

Group Overview

From robotics to AI, Machine Learning and beyond – as change in the world accelerates, aerospace & defense will continue to be at the cutting edge of progress. Arthur D. Little understands the forces driving change and shaping the future. Unlike other aerospace & defense consulting firms, they work side-by-side with their clients to help them adapt and innovate, overcome short-term challenges and meet longer-term strategic needs to seize the most promising opportunities in the sector. Aerospace & defense is being transformed by other industries and technologies as they converge to redefine what’s possible. Their range of services help clients capitalize on change and move ahead of the competition. OPTIMIZING PORTFOLIO STRATEGY Arthur D. Little anticipates key opportunities to meet intensifying competition and changing client demands – positioning clients for long term growth. LONG-LASTING AGILITY AND EFFECTIVENESS Arthur D. Little helps clients adapt to changing competitive, technological, and regulatory conditions to create agile organizations – ready to seize the opportunities of a rapidly-changing world. TECHNOLOGICAL BREAKTHROUGH VALUE-CREATION Arthur D. Little leverages the potential of new and emerging technologies – both in house and external – to rapidly create new sources of revenue for clients. SUSTAINABLE OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE Arthur D. Little creates radical operations improvements and double-digit cost savings – increasing output, organizing winning teams, tech innovation and agile supply chains.

Firm Overview

The world is moving faster than ever. The rules of the game are constantly shifting. People, organizations and societies are embracing change at pace and being reshaped by new technologies, deeper connectivity and the convergence of ideas and industries. And convergence isn’t just disrupting existing systems and markets – it’s creating entirely new ones, representing challenge and opportunity in equal measure. Organisations are increasingly dealing with opposing forces which test their resolve. Performance today or innovation for tomorrow? Competition or collaboration? Investment in people or technology? Only those who can anticipate change, innovate and adapt will thrive and move ahead. Arthur D. Little links people, technology and strategy to help clients balance these opposing forces, overcome today’s biggest challenges and seize tomorrow’s most promising opportunities. This is the difference Arthur D. Little makes. As people, organizations and societies embrace change at pace, its leaders must anticipate, innovate and transform ever faster. We help our clients overcome today’s most pressing challenges and seize tomorrow’s most promising opportunities. With a powerful blend of creative thinking and scientific rigor Arthur D. Little links people, technology and strategy to find original and pragmatic ways to accelerate performance, innovate through convergence and digital, and make a positive impact on the world.