Accenture Acquires LEXTA to Broaden IT Service Capabilities

LEXTA, a consulting firm specializing in IT benchmarking and sourcing advisory services, has recently been absorbed into ever-expanding multinational giant Accenture, in an acquisition with undisclosed financial details. This deal comes on the heels of nearly 50 acquisitions on Accenture’s behalf this year alone, as the company continues to fully immerse itself in anything relating to AI, cybersecurity, and cloud services.

LEXTA was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in Berlin, with offices in Düsseldorf, Zurich, and London. The firm employs about 60 people, all of which will now be handling operations for Accenture as new additions to the Technology Strategy and Advisory division. LEXTA has an impressive track record in technology consulting services, helping clients select the right vendors and implement the best protocol for their IT strategy. The company is also known for its excellent cloud service capabilities.

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“With LEXTA’s comprehensive insights, we can better help our clients define the value of technologies such as cloud or platforms even more precisely. Combining LEXTA’s data-based analysis capability and Accenture’s technology advisory skills, we will further develop our joint IT sourcing and benchmarking advisory offering to ultimately realize new value for our clients,” said Frédéric Brunier, Accenture Lead for Technology Strategy and Advisory Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Russia.

LEXTA works with clients across many industries like logistics, utilities, and manufacturing and enables their client base to focus on core operations by increasing efficiency of day-to-day operations with its software. Because Accenture follows a ZBB (zero-based budgeting) approach to running its business, the inclusion of LEXTA will allow the company to further identify cost-saving procedures and align company priorities in AI and cloud service domination.

Accenture is a global professional services and consulting company excelling across over 40 industries and specializing in digital, cloud, and security. The company offers consulting, interactive, operations, strategy, and technology services.

Accenture reported a revenue of $13.3 billion in the third fiscal quarter, up 21% from last year. The company saw a 24% increase in operating income as well, reaching $2.1 billion. Accenture has approximately 569,000 employees on a global basis and offers services in over 120 countries.