Deloitte Expands Cloud-Services Portfolio With Acquisition Of CloudQuest

In a recent press release, Big Four accounting and professional services firm Deloitte announced the acquisition of Cupertino, California-based cloud security posture management provider CloudQuest. The startup, which offers cloud-native security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) services specialized for InfoSec and SecDevOps teams, was acquired for an undisclosed sum.

Deborah Golden, Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory’s Cyber and Strategic Risk Leader said “We see incredible opportunity in novel approaches that help organizations securely transform and operate while also realizing competitive advantage, and we’re continually investing to bring the most innovative solutions to our clients...Our acquisition of CloudQuest represents our profound commitment to transforming alongside our clients, competing vigorously in the market and aggressively building out tech-enabled approaches that position Deloitte cyber as an unquestionable business enabler.”

CloudQuest’s flagship service, CloudQuest Guardian, provides a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) -native security tool equipped to use GCP-specific information to determine optimum workflows and automation in response to security events. Integrating with a variety of existing security information and event management suites, ticketing systems, and security analytics tools, it acts as a private as-a-service solution that runs within enterprise deployments, keeping critical security data ‘in house’ and within the control of the hosting organization.

Vijay Sarathy, Co-founder and CEO of CloudQuest, added, “Joining Deloitte will enable us to expand our capabilities, helping organizations protect against the next generation of security threats, promote continued innovation and agility, and foster more efficient cloud security capabilities.”

With the majority of organizations accelerating their migrations to the cloud and critical infrastructure increasingly reliant upon cloud-based solutions, the new buy -- Deloitte’s second cybersecurity acquisition in 2021 after its purchase of cyber threat hunter Root9B, LLC -- will further expand the professional services giant’s ability to aid enterprises in defending against the next generation of security threats. By driving ongoing innovation and adding to its growing set of digital security capabilities, the company is sharpening its focus on cybersecurity offerings, positioning itself to offer additional cloud-focused security capabilities to its clients.