Accenture Expands Digital Transformation Capabilities with Navisite Acquisition

Global professional services giant Accenture has recently announced a strategic move to acquire Navisite, a prominent digital transformation and managed services provider. The acquisition, which

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enhances Accenture's application and infrastructure-managed services capabilities, is aimed at supporting clients across North America in modernizing their IT infrastructure to meet the demands of the AI era.

Navisite, based in Andover, MA, brings a team of approximately 1,500 professionals to join Accenture’s Infrastructure Engineering practice. The terms of the acquisition from private equity investment firm Madison Dearborn Partners have not been disclosed.

The addition of Navisite is expected to significantly strengthen Accenture's position in accelerating cloud transformations and building robust digital cores for its clients. With a focus on helping enterprises embrace new technologies, the acquisition aligns with Accenture's commitment to supporting clients in critical areas where the company excels.

Navisite's expertise is underscored by its team of more than 400 cloud engineers, holding over 2,000 certifications. The company has a wealth of experience across various cloud providers, enterprise applications, and digital technologies, serving clients in diverse sectors such as technology, business services, healthcare, life sciences, and manufacturing.

Manish Sharma, CEO of Accenture North America, “Our clients feel a sense of urgency to modernize their enterprise and they continue to call on Accenture for help in critical areas where we excel. With skills steeped in cloud, infrastructure and application services, Navisite’s talented team expands our ability to help clients embrace new technologies and ways of working, to unlock the next-level of business reinvention.”

According to Karthik Narain, Group Chief Executive at Accenture Technology, “Most enterprise IT environments are not ready for the demands of the AI era.” He explained, “Adding Navisite means we can more quickly help clients ‘run to the new’—modernizing at speed while they operate efficiently, through Accenture’s innovation-focused managed services.”

Accenture, with approximately 743,000 people serving clients in over 120 countries, is recognized as a talent- and innovation-led company. The company is at the forefront of digital change, combining technology strength with leadership in cloud, data, and AI. Accenture's broad range of services, solutions, and assets across various domains positions it uniquely to deliver tangible outcomes for clients, fostering trusted and lasting relationships.

As the company measures its success by the 360° value it creates for clients, shareholders, partners, and communities, the acquisition of Navisite aligns with Accenture's commitment to driving change, innovation, and creating lasting value in the ever-evolving landscape of digital transformation.