Accenture Federal Services and Microsoft Launch Cloud Modernization Factory

Accenture Federal Services and Microsoft have collaborated to introduce a groundbreaking Cloud Modernization and Migration Factory on Microsoft Azure Government, specifically tailored for national security applications. This initiative addresses the unique challenges faced by federal agencies and defense organizations, offering end-to-end cloud modernization services while meeting stringent security standards, including those of the Special Access Program community. The factory, spearheaded by Accenture Federal Services’s CEO John Goodman and Microsoft Executive’s Vice President Jason Zander, aims to streamline the migration of classified workloads to Azure Government Secret and Top Secret clouds, ensuring the highest level of security and protection for sensitive data.

The Cloud Modernization and Migration Factory on Azure integrates Microsoft's secure networking principles critical for national security users, offering access to industry-leading capabilities such as AI and high-speed 5G connectivity. With a focus on delivering fully accreditable security baselines and staffed by cleared cloud engineers, architects, and data scientists, the factory ensures compliance with federal guidelines and accelerates the migration of on-premise workloads to the cloud. This collaboration underscores Accenture Federal Services' and Microsoft's commitment to empowering federal agencies and defense organizations with agile, secure, and innovative cloud solutions.

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