Accenture Transforms Mount Sinai Health System’s Epic EMR With Microsoft

In a groundbreaking development for the healthcare industry, Accenture, in collaboration with Avanade and Microsoft, spearheaded the migration of Mount Sinai Health System's Epic Electronic Medical Records (EMR) to Microsoft Azure. This monumental achievement marks Azure's largest Epic production instance and signifies a significant stride in revolutionizing healthcare access, experiences, and outcomes.

Under the strategic guidance of Accenture, Mount Sinai embarked on a cloud transformation journey aimed at accelerating innovation and enhancing patient care. Kristin Myers, Mount Sinai's Executive Vice President and Chief Digital and Information Officer, highlighted the importance of this endeavor, emphasizing that the shift to Azure is pivotal in creating secure, connected, and insight-driven healthcare experiences. This digital transformation empowers Mount Sinai to leverage cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence, thereby bolstering operational efficiency and enabling more compassionate care delivery.

The cloud-based EMR solution that Mount Sinai has implemented promises a significant improvement in patient outcomes and care coordination. With 24/7 access to patient data, healthcare providers can The cloud-based EMR solution that Mount Sinai has implemented promises a significant improvement in patient coordination, outcomes, and care coordination. and heightened security measures have rendered Mount Sinai's systems more resilient against cyber threats. Moreover, the reduction in on-premise infrastructure not only saves costs but also contributes to a greener, more sustainable healthcare ecosystem.

The partnership between Accenture and Mount Sinai extends beyond the migration itself. By embracing AI and other advanced technologies, both entities are poised to drive continuous innovation in healthcare delivery. This proactive approach enables Mount Sinai to swiftly adapt to evolving healthcare trends, expanding and refining offerings that cater to both patients and clinicians. Furthermore, this transition aligns with environmental sustainability goals, significantly reducing carbon emissions.

Rich Birhanzel, Accenture's Global Healthcare Sector Head, emphasized the pressing need for healthcare organizations to prioritize affordability, patient experiences, and clinical outcomes. He stressed that achieving these goals demands relentless innovation, data integration, and novel work methodologies. Mount Sinai's deliberate migration of clinical applications to the cloud epitomizes this forward-thinking approach, setting a precedent for the industry.

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This strategic move not only enhances patient care but also underscores the pivotal role of technology in shaping the future of healthcare delivery. With this transformation, Mount Sinai is poised to lead the way in leveraging cloud technology for innovative, patient-centric care, setting a new standard for the industry.