Accenture’s New Acquisition Opens Doors For Company’s Operations

Exton Consulting, headquartered in Paris, France, helps banks and insurance companies manage projects and company growth across Europe. The company’s success has prompted interest from digital security company, Accenture, which is seeking aid in the realm of global expansion.

In a new acquisition last month, Accenture announced its plans of absorbing Exton Consulting, with all 150 professionals that the firm employs now, redirecting focus on covering all aspects of Accenture’s many projects. These projects will have special iteration on strategy, design, operations, and technology.

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Olivier Girard, lead of the market unit for Accenture France & Benelux said, in a statement regarding the acquisition “Our intent to acquire Exton Consulting is part of our overall growth strategy to expand critical skills and capabilities in strategic, high-growth areas of the market. It underscores our commitment to the financial services industry, which is facing unprecedented transformation driven by economic and geopolitical uncertainties, regulatory challenges, digital transformation, urgency to reinvent the client experience, and the need to rethink operating models.”

The hope is that this new acquisition will cement Accenture’s rapport in France, and beyond as a leading strategy and consulting firm, and increase the scale of business that the company is now able to manage.

The financial details of this new deal are still unclear, but the Exton Consulting team seems eager to proceed with business under these new stipulations. Now offering 15 years of consulting experience, co-founder of Exton Consulting, Philippe Deranbure has already vouched for his company’s excitement in this new acquisition stating that “The combination of innovation, technology and data skills with our expertise would help us offer highly differentiated, end-to-end services to an even-broader client base, both existing and future.”

The deal is underway and is still in its final proceedings for council and closing conditions, but the future holds bright prospects for both companies, especially with Accenture’s well-established clientele base. The company’s Advanced Technology and Intelligent Operation Centers currently span across 120 countries and employ over 537,000 people globally, an impressive repertoire which is sure to only benefit from Exton Counseling’s insight.