Alliant Insurance Services Appoints Branden Neal as Senior Vice President for Healthcare Consulting

Alliant Insurance Services has announced the appointment of Branden Neal as Senior Vice President, a strategic move highlighting the firm's commitment to advancing value-based healthcare solutions for its national clientele. Based in Irvine, California, Neal brings a wealth of experience in healthcare consulting, having dedicated his career to advising major healthcare entities, medical groups, and healthcare systems. Known for his innovative approach, he has a track record of crafting solutions that not only reduce healthcare costs but also enhance operational efficiency and foster sustainable outcomes.

In his new role, Neal will play a crucial part in steering Alliant's Employee Benefits Group toward the evolving landscape of value-based care. His responsibilities include developing tailored structures, analytical tools, and advisory capabilities to address the distinctive needs of Alliant's national client base. Kevin Overbey, President of Alliant Employee Benefits, applauds Neal's visionary leadership and anticipates significant advancements in value-based healthcare programs under his guidance. His appointment signifies Alliant's dedication to pioneering transformative healthcare models in an industry that continues to shift towards more effective, efficient, and patient-centered approaches. Clients and colleagues are encouraged to connect with Neal, whose strategic vision and extensive experience position him as a key asset for Alliant's continued growth and resilience.

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