Amazon And TCS Partnership Spawns New Business Unit

If there is one collective goal for businesses struggling with the shift to online business systems, it’s harnessing the power of hybrid cloud technology. Public and private cloud environments operating in sync is no longer a pipedream; rather, the standard. The entire chain of business—from cloud vendors to organizations to consulting MSPs—is taking shape around the aggressive spread of the cloud, and a choice few have carved out a niche in the market.

The well-established partnership of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has moved forward with a joint effort to expand on hybrid cloud services. TCS’ AWS Business Unit combines the prowess of both companies to create a dedicated assembly of professionals for full-range assistance. “We are bringing together all our different capabilities and transformational solutions under one dedicated business unit to help our customers with their innovation and business transformation needs using AWS,” said Krishnan Ramanujam, Group Head of Business and Technology Services at TCS.

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Though TCS may seem small compared a giant like Amazon despite the time-tested partnership, the global system integrator is on a constant upswing. TCS has been essential in the revamping of IT strategies and SAP technologies for Globe Telecom, Manila Water, and Ayala Land Inc, and the company reported $22 billion in revenue for the last fiscal year, and boasts over 450,000 employees across 46 countries. Among the AWS designations held by TCS are MSP Partner, Public Sector Partner, and Well Architected Partner. The business unit takes full advantage of these designations with the combination of AWS’ deep pool of experts and TCS’ DATOM consulting framework.

Mainframe systems are a major focus of this new division. TCS’ Mastercraft program contains a massive database of invaluable software tools, and the Modernization Propeller, equipped with API templates and industry microservices, are strengthened with AWS’ support.  “Mainframe modernization mainly includes movement of entire mainframe workloads and associated ecosystems into AWS and broadly aligned to cloud-adoption strategy,” said Ramanujam.

The AWS/TCS BU promises to deliver the best of both companies’ offerings. TCS’s domain dominance across the industry is bolstered by the native capabilities of Amazon, and the businesses have produced a reliable answer when seeking outsourced help for the tough transition to the hybrid cloud.