Amitech Introduces Healthcare Automation As A Service Cumulus

Award-winning healthcare data, analytics, and automation consulting firm Amitech Solutions has another surefire success on its hands with the public launch of Cumulus, its intelligent healthcare automation as a service. The new product is one of the first HIPAA-compliant healthcare cloud-automation managed service offerings, focused on providing organizations healthcare automation in a simple and affordable manner.

St. Louis, Missouri-headquartered Amitech was founded with a mission to unleash the power of data, fueling healthcare digital transformations that ultimately make healthcare more proactive, higher quality, and more affordable for everyone. The firm combines people, process, culture, and technology in a results-oriented effort to drive real and lasting change. UiPath has made the company a Diamond Business Partner, the only healthcare-industry partner with Diamond status, and an Americas 2021 Impact Partner of the Year Award winner.

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Many large healthcare enterprises around the U.S. have leveraged intelligent automation to reduce avoidable expenses by eliminating repetitive tasks, reducing errors, and increasing efficiency. While intelligent automation can provide a significant business advantage, many small to medium-sized organizations lack the resources and capital to implement such systems, leaving them without access to automation.

The new offering provides healthcare organizations with a cloud-managed automation service that is both simple and affordable, providing efficiency improvements, confidence that automated processes are being actively monitored and managed, zero investment in infrastructure or software licenses, and no new expenses from ongoing maintenance and administration. Cumulus is powered by Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology from a leading enterprise automation software company.

One of the first providers to implement Cumulus, Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center, has already seen benefits, including a same-month break-even on subscription fees with easily implemented automation of what used to be manual internal-reporting activities.

"We've had the idea for Cumulus on our mind for a long time after repeatedly hearing from healthcare customers that they were not prepared to invest time and resources in automation services while embarking on their intelligent automation journey," said Amitech Chief Executive Officer Amit Bhagat. "Cumulus is a game-changer for our healthcare customers. At Amitech, our passion is to make healthcare better, and Cumulus is going to help our customers access automation affordably to reduce avoidable costs."